Sunday, July 08, 2007

A Clean Scent

What is about smell that brings the Dead before us, fully realized and perfectly colored?

I have 75 pounds of promotional tee shirts in the basement from the cleaning out of Heather's dresser, comprising almost a decade of competitive running in a state where every weekend is some kind of fun run, each complete with its own tee shirt. Always hated running myself.

I had thought to cut them up for a project and knit them into bathmat sized rugs. Today I began and as they came out of the black plastic garbage bag, a waft of soap and laundry detergent would hit me flat in the face and I would have to stand there with my eyes watering buried in a piece of give-away cotton printed with 2001 Campbell Bunny Fun Run, waiting for the sensation to pass so I could wield the scissors again.

Do you know what 75 pounds of cotton tees looks like? A huge heap from the floor to almost above your knee. I am gonna be at this a while.

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