Thursday, May 31, 2007

Work is Hard

I don't like people, noise, light, heat, cold, due dates or food. I especially don't like being hugged at work, even by the most adorable of researchers.

You would not believe how behind I am and how many email I plan of simply disregarding. Am just thinking about quitting and abandoning it all. Thankfully all the big hoodads have been in retreat most of this week, but I hope the attention will not be stored up and dumped on me today. "Wawawa so sorry wawawaanything I canwawawa. By the way, you must have time for This!!!wawawa". Maybe I have reached the anger stage already. fuck!

Last night I finished the longways scarf I started for Heather eight days ago with wool I spun myself, all kinds of shade of pink and purple and a little gray to sync it all together. It's a lumpy bumpy rustic thing but I think it's charming. Seeing as the intended owner is now deceased, I am going to hang onto it for a little while. Maybe I will wake up from this bad dream, like Mom keeps saying.

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