Saturday, May 12, 2007

Why I don't intend to ever own a house.

Remember how I said something about moving closer to my family was a good thing? I today was spent trimming hedges: 285 square suburban yards of them. When I was problem solving a problem Da was having on his laptop (has noooo clue how to run it, but he does get snaps for trying), the silly old coot turned on me and said the following: "So what's with the double chin?"

And I said, "Well, the original was lonely. And by the way, fuck off." He laughed like it was the funniest thing he'd ever heard. Mum was hooting from the kitchen. And not with any subtlety. Love her, love her.

Guilty. No yoga classes in a very long time (where would one find one as charming as Jaime and the 7:00 AM crew?), I've been avoiding the gym (crowded with students and not kept up) and the elliptical machine. My pants don't fit right and I have to fit into the last year's summer wardrobe. There is no alternative, no easy way out on this. Still nice to tell the misogynist who spawned me to get stuffed and have him think it's funny. Much rather be funny than pretty, might rather be funny than oh-so-terribly smart.

How is the job, you ask? After squelching a board-and-destroy acquisition of our tiny department to what would have been a very uncomfortable manager, the current happy budgie of a manager (60% time, three summer months off) has been invited to step down. She is still happy. If you had three sequential summer months off, you'd be happy too.

I am now overworked to the point of perfect clarity and fear. I know I have too much. And it's been a year so if I am not competent, I can fake it with the best of them... fan-dancing my way through the administrative baubles of research funding. Oh, man.

To Mix, my favorite new momma and to Heather who shows such devotion to education and to my own Roberta who takes me to Special Olympics regularly and makes me feel that life is sweet and joyful: Happy Mother's Day.

Lipstick of the day: Bobbi Brown's newly reissued Bare Sheer. The color I ought to have naturally but don't. 200% better.
Craftishly: spinning some blue worsted weight, pink and orange jaywalker sock, mothproofing the stash in the freezer one ziplock at a time.
Pet Annoyance: -
Etsy-fy me: Loose String
Pining for: Lipstick Queen Poppy King is gonna be in Berkeley this month at Herringbone.

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Anonymous said...

Bout time you updated! Thought you fell of the face of the earth! Cheers - the cat lady in Seattle.