Saturday, May 19, 2007

I Hella (heart) Oakland.

I slept in until Noon this morning. I never sleep in until Noon.

Today's vision: A rather lovely young blonde woman who had the words "Mental Mise en Place" tattooed around her neck in gloriously elaborate three-eights of an inch high script in a curving arc connecting her collarbones. It seemed a rather stupid thing to read in looking at her, while mourning the loss of some really nice, blank clavicles. Pity.

The Spinning habit is now officially out of control. I had to just get that off my chest. Thank you.

Spectaculaly lovely today in Oakland sur la Mer and tomorrow we brave the chaos of the Bay 2 Breakers Run to go the Spa in Japantown for scrubbing and soaking.

We have tickets for Pirates next weekend. Can hardly wait. Argh!

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