Tuesday, May 29, 2007

For those who asked: the Eulogy

Heather bloomed this decade. Growing up a year ahead of her, I have seen her all sides of Heather and these last years have been a most joyous, successful and happy time for her.
In Special Olympics or when celebrating something with her friends and family she was vivacious and free and delightful, the person she was too shy to display to all people at all times. There was great emotion and feeling under her reserve , and what she might not be able to express was still there.

We knew that we had to ask about brushing her teeth, that she wanted us to ask. That as long as I have known her she has said goodnight at the same time in the same words, both of us knowing that this exchange means love and trust.

With her guidance I fully understand that Food is a marvelous thing, Friends are for hugging, and Public transportation provides a measure of freedom and is a very good thing indeed. We should always have someone fluffy in our lives. Purple should be worn with great aplomb and often, Authority should on occasion be tested, and evidently there are not enough ridiculous socks being worn on this planet. And we would be much happier if we wore them all the time.
We, her friends, are is temporarily without chronometer, we are without ballast, but I imagine whatever challenges Heather had in her life were at least as frustrating and continual, but she did overcome and shine.

Do not discount the moments that make you happy. Understand that you are loved and you are not alone.

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