Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I am wrapping up the official mourning, five more mid day naps should do it, if the tree surgeons across the street ever finish.

I promise to be writing again about things other than despair and my sweetly odd sister because sitting in this can of wretchedness has got to become an internal dialog not just an exterior display of raw emotion.

Today I could not find the energy to go to work and have instead spent the morning on College Avenue cleaning up my fingers and toes, checking mail, eating breakfast as the world walked by and buying thank you cards as well as emergency sympathy cards. Until this point, I have thought sympathy cards to be a bit bullshit, probably because I never knew what to say. Now that opinion is reversed and any show of sympathy is a good thing even when you haven't any idea what to say.

I love the fact that letterpress is making a comeback and original art is being created for it. When I see that Hallmark cards are $4.00 ("$$! *&^#@?!"), I am repelled and will now never buy another. I will, on the other hand, happily pay $4.25 for a bit of hand created bit of locally made loveliness. Especially when it has a knitting monkey on the exterior! Etsy seems to be a good source as well for letterpress.

Okay, off to clean up a bit and maybe have some tea. Love to you.

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