Sunday, July 16, 2006

Last Night

Soon after the last post, we turned tail, hopped on BART and spent the evening walking around that sexy lovely city San Francisco:

First Stop: OSHA Thai, looking for their lamb sate. Too crowded by miles. Left unfed and fast.

Second Stop: Beard Papa in the Yerba Buena corridor. Japanese cream puffs, filled on demand. Huge line, but got in just before closing time. I had three: chocolate, vanilla and the rotating special custard - pumpkin. All very good, not overly sweet and the puffs had a very nice dark crunch to them.

Third: A walk through Chinatown to North Beach at dusk. Stopped and done something I have never done before: had a drink at the infamous Buddha Bar. Very generous martini, but unshaken so lacking that Artic Sea sensation. Fantastically beautiful male bartender from Shanghai, very old poorly executed dragon mural, deliciously dive-y. Left huge tip, knowing that Humphrey Bogart has warmed all the stools in the joint.

Fourth: Wibbling from the Vodka martini: City Lights Books. Magic. Bought Gastronaut, by Stephan Gates. Did the City Lights Shuffle in the downstairs crypt underneath the sidewalk grate, listening to the saxaphone over sidewalk grate which was, in fact, the ceiling.

Fifth: back through Chinatown, encountering tourists looking for American food and terribly short Chinese man fully dressed in full cream colored cowboy outfit and hat with authentic stuffed rattlesnake in striking pose. Creepy, but adorable. His boots matched.

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