Saturday, March 25, 2006

Never eat the ass end of an onion.

It's that bit where the root and the layers of onion all come together, that accidentally missed the prep pile for discard and hid itself under the rice noodles. Though the Thai food (shrimp paste fried rice) may be so good you will not want to spit anything out, spit. Essentially: 1) it's raw onion 2) it's the part off the onion where all those sulfur compounds originate and you will urp them for the rest of the evening. Hopefully not the rest of one's life. One hopes.

Amazing Thai food. Had to go to SF for it: OSHA Thai Noodle House on Geary and Leavenworth, dragging the Steven through the edges of the Tenderloin (Steven says it's scary/creepy) and around and over crowds of gawping tourists in Union Square and Powell St.

While hiking Steven through the Tenderloin's disenfranchised, we were passed on the sidewalk by a bizarre and fabulous creature heading the other way. Entirely undefinable, but he was covered hat to socks in multicolored, fluffy, feathery, glittery, glamourous luster of all unknowable origins. He moved his big black boots (the only neutral in the ensemble) with great authority and dignity down the pavement like a god, a sage, a sunrise. Like Thought itself set loose on the darkening world.

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