Monday, March 27, 2006

1:45 AM Monday

My soon to be thrice-divorced Aunt will be in town shortly and Mum will be stopping by with her tomorrow or the next day. We shall eat divine pizza in Berkeley and feast upon Fenton's fabulous Black & Tan sundaes (toasted almond, chocolate, vanilla ice cream). Personally, I think Aunt J is far better off without the Freak (evangelical, simpering, man o' the manor manipulator) she's married to. Lovely girl. Deserves better. By God.

Beloveds, if you find yourself continuously attracted to the same kind of lousy person, do yourself and favor and please try something completely different. Just for laughs.

It was a perfect Spring Day Sunday. Steven fed me coffee, threw me in the car and it was off again to San Francisco, (massage for him, lovely soaky scrubbie ritual for me, japanese noodles for all). We came home, he went off for his volunteering gig and I made another 65 pleated little pork and shrimp potstickers while listening to McCourt's Teacher Man, which I have out on netlibrary audio.

Oh, news. You remember the interview I went to last week? Well, my references are being called. -Gasp. -
now, Wouldn't that be loverly?!

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