Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Silence is broken.

Sorry for the broadcast silence these last few days; I was busy.

During those days, Barbara returned from hip replacement surgery, kvetched about the water usage and then proceeded to set the house afire with a pair of misplaced hot mitts. Came home to the fire department leaving and, Barbara fretting, the apartment filled with smoke. Hum...

BFF Mix up and left us yesterday after three solid days of fun, fun, fun. Movies were watched, Johnny Depp was oggled, yoga class was attended, SF was plundered and unladylike quantities of food might have been eaten. Oh, and she learned to knit and was forced to begin and complete her first project. Swell girl, that one.

Today was the first sighting of the California Winter barbecue occurred this evening: Our neighbor Zack had a parka on as he grilled steaks.

I am still horribly addicted to those silly pink & white candy covered licorice bits: (looks in waste basket for empty bag) Good and Plentys.

Steven had the camera out while Mix was here and I have discovered today that I am beginning to resemble Ray Bolger. Pity I can't dance.

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