Sunday, February 05, 2006

My favorite movie theater and this week's goings on.

The voodoo backlash walloped me as soon as I completed my last post; something precious was broken, clothing developed an odd tear, sleep was elusive. No matter, it needed doing. One should really think long and hard before send out evil thoughts into the world, but in this case it needed doing.

My temp assignment has ended just as the building the Oakland School District Administration is housed in was really creeping me out. (Asbestos everything, an utter lack of ventilation, defoilating paint, uneven broken stairs, unreplaced dead lighting, no maintenance or cleaning to speak of.) The last three canidates I interviewed for the replacement substitute teachers were perfectly and certifiably nuts. God help those kids if we actually have a strike.

Das Mad Landlady goes in for hip-replacement surgery on Monday, so I expect we will be kvetch-free for a little while. (Latest issues: could I: 1. use the washer & dryer a little less frequently 2. plant some tulip bulbs 3. let the girl next door park in the drive 4. subcribe to her thirty phone calls plan regarding water ruse/timing so she can wash her hair)

Yesterday I took myself to a movie Pride and Predjudice with the luminous and toothy Keira Knightly. (The movie itself was very good and lacked the starchy BBC feel. Anything with the still dead-sexy Donald Sutherland and the frighteningly engrossing Judy Dench can't help but kick ass.) The Orinda Theater is a mere $1.55 BART ride away (no car needed) and is a magnificent art deco jewelbox in crimson plush and stylish murals. One of the tiny interior cinemas seats only 24 people and has a royal egyptian theme so it has a rather cozy entombed feel. Oh, pictures might be necessary.

The interview with UCSF went rather well and I hope they call me back, even if it will be a hell of a commute across The Golden City.

Love to you all, Darlings.

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