Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Carrots, Broccolli, Grapes and Lamb. Oh my.

My favorite intimate meals seem to always end in a spirited food fight. (What else are steamed vegetables for?) Thank god we had already eaten the coucous and lamb stew. I am such the lucky girl to have a Marx Brother of my very own in residence.

Am feeling that yoga class from yesterday. The itty bitty muscles between my ribs ache. When I breathe. Can't wait to go and do that again!

The interview with ACS went really as well as it could have, although I found the Director a bit stiff. Kim Moreland and Ben Hippen have utterly wrecked my life; the bar for co-workers is really mighty high after knowing them for so long. Great, fantastic, funny, brilliant people, I tell you.

I think my favorite interview answer to "What kind of work environment do you like?" is "With terrific, fabulous, world-class people." I have been so lucky.

I love you. And you. And you.

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