Monday, January 30, 2006

Yesterday. Today. James Lipton.

Yesterday. Yesterday I was angry that Albertson's does not deign to give the good people of Oakland decent produce (Apparently barely passble is good enough for us!). Sad wilted chard, specifically.

Today. Today I am beyond that. Today I am hauling out the box of big bad vOoDoo equipment, prying the locks and nails off the top and reaching for the oh-so-heavy hitting stuff. And when I get the chance I am going out to the 7-11 and picking up a select few extra special ingredients for stupid three grown men who should really know better. No one's 87 year old grandma should be made to cry. Or litigated against. In her husband's last days.
Oh, you three little rat bastards... you just wait. I am not saying that my god is a vengefull god. I am saying he is paying attention. You just bloody wait.

I have an interview at UCSF they day after tomorrow and a couple phone screens around that time as well. Huh. Well. Then.

The substitute teachers' interviews continue! Today I was screamed at by a fully certified teacher, saying he wasn't gonna fill out another form. And so his file was marked incomplete and set aside. Twerp. I also interviewed a pedophile looking for a job teaching kids. Guess where his file went?

And now: James Lipton of the show Inside the Actor's Studio recites Kevin Federline's Popazao.

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The Every Day Princess said...

Who are these three men? I want more info! I need a good injustice to rail against and revive my rain-dampened spirit. Tell me more.

Carolyn aka the everyday princess