Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Unwilling Idleness

Have you seen this lately? University of Virginia's project to get yet more reading material on the web: The Electronic Text Center.

I've just used the Palm Doc Generator on Demand at PoorMojo to generate Stephen Crane's the Open Boat short story into a form I can carry around with me everywhere I take my old Palm Visor Edge, which also contains my yarn database, portable cookbook and italian dictionary. Va benne.

Oh NO. Curse the Manhattan User's Guide! Today's post on sales list "Rome for $499: roundtrip airfare and six nights hotel at Go-Today". Am I tortured by this? Oh yes. Am I having another cup of coffee? Oh yes. (mutter...grumble....curse....) Am I having it on the Piazza di Spangna? Nope. Somebody please go take advange of this and tell me all about it.

Look at these cards by Etui. Aren't they lovely? Oo, also take a look at Brilliant.

What I am not doing: Shopping & drinking $3.75 lattes
Current favorite breakfast & lunch: toasted peanut butter sandwich
Silly old cat: Katana. I have convinced her to get off the keyboard and sit on her scratching post which has been moved just west of my elbow. I keep waking her up to cuddle her.

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Linda 'K' said...

Mon Cher! De blog has responsibilities!!! One must take peektures of the pussycads, the wonderful finished risottos and other gastronomic delights youse are making and most of all, the NEEETED items! I KNOW y'all got a digital somewheres. Don't think you can get away without pix!!!

Linda "K"