Tuesday, December 20, 2005

What the Hell

I've got the unbearable Christmas impulse again to rent Hugh Grant movies, just to watch him do embarrassing things in them. (sing, dance, etc.)

Thank god I have lots of projects to finish before the weekend. I feel rather stupid and unnessesary just hanging about the house cursing at yarn when Steven is trapped in his little room, working away. Occasionally he does open the door and we have a little midday Solid Gold dance-fest which is great fun.

Small triumph yesterday in finishing Steven's Christmas request a pair of neck bolsters: one is a replica of one I made for him years ago but the other is a brand new memory foam covered invention/confectionery that required six yards of fabric, three layers and the use of an electric knife. Both bolsters have utterly silly flannel covers with little yellow duckies all over them.

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