Thursday, December 08, 2005

Thursday and Past my Bedtime

The other things breadsticks are good for: gesturing in conversation or conducting the sidewalk buskers
Latest excitement: getting a haircut tomorrow. Walking around impersonating a Lhasa Ahpso cannot continue, especially with imminent interviews.
Latest Bad habit: Now that we have a dining table to stare adoringly at each other over dinner, I have found myself deliberating sabotaging my own table manners to gross Steven out, like allowing a corner of lettuce hang off one lip for ages. Juvenile. And wrong.
Things that I Will Ban when I am Queen: Car Alarms. Grocery Membership cards. Plastic hardshell packaging.
Hero: Eloise, who lives at the Plaza.
Latest Raging Success: The Brioche knitting stitch. And after only 20 tries too!
Secret Passion: Hats, but nothing unamusing or without a brim
What I Did Not Know About Mister T: everything

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