Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Ode to Yeoh

I am hanging onto my pants to see Memoirs of a Geisha, although I am sad Spielberg passed on the option to direct. Oh, Ziyi is charming, but she cannot hold a candle to the all out best damn superhero girl on the planet: Michelle Yeoh. (I am still trying to forget she was a bond girl, although she was the least squealish, most action packed bond girl ever.) ooo, Pretty!

Seems that the Wikipedia entry for Memoirs is under heavy dispute for neutrality. Interesting, but not suprising seeing as everytime anyone whispers the word "Geisha", a couple million people honk "Ya mean hookers?" The answer to which is "No, Pal, we mean geisha."

The actual person and former geisha Golden based his fictional story on, Mineko Iwasaki, successfully sued Golden for defamation and breach of contract and went on to publish her own memoir which is better than the novel.

Some of Golden's whole analogy sequences in female conversation got a bit stomach-turning, as if two women in conversation always simper and draw parallels to the gracefulness of falling leaves in autumn when ordering up a latte, something I don't do unless I am still asleep when ordering up at Cole Coffee.

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