Saturday, December 17, 2005

Coffee, with sugar.....

This morning I plonked myself down at my favorite table at Cole Coffee, facing the door, my customary three napkins, my book (The Serpent and the Moon) in its bookstand and began work on knitting my most pressing Christmas present.
I am a couple rows into it when up walks someone asking to share my table. I absolutely always share my table with whomever needs it. So, okay, yes, sit.
But oh my. Huge brown eyes and amazingly thick salt & pepper hair. London accent. Unpretentious manner. He is in a word, just adorable.

He opens the conversation with "How is your sex life?" -glitter. twinkle. smile.-
Uh. "Fine. Great. Heaven. And how's yours?"
I do not tell him to get stuffed or leave me alone or to go away. We sit, we talk, I ask him questions equally frank questions every time he bites into his scone.
So in short, I do suspect it might have been some kind of a proposition. The first in maybe 12 years. I looked like hell: no lipstick, uncombed hair, split lip. What part of any of this sounds even vaguely shaggable? So what do two total strangers end up discussing?:
× Beethoven's choral works
× Holiday plans
× Today's/His previous night's plans
× San Francisco vs. Berkeley
× What a cable stitch is
× Nostalgia for cars that can be worked on my the owner
× I am thoroughly disappointed that he is not following the World Cup. Take this man's Brit credentials away from him!!

I wish to emphasies this: The whole thing was so entirely surreal and embarrassing that in no corner of my mind could I have created this as a fictional scenario. It was incredibly fun and refreshing to have a no holds barred entirely frank conversation with a total stranger, in a state where people can be so vapid and so veiled. California nothing short of is weird on a string, I tell you.

Steven is greatly amused and maybe somewhat appalled. What a fantastic guy. How lucky can I really get? Looooove Steven, loooooove.

In an effort to get the X-mas presents knitted, I am on a movie marathon. "Millions" was very good. I loved the visitations of the saints, particularly Joseph. Could not get through "Melinda & Melinda", although Will Ferrell was very funny. (I hear Woody's next film is very very good.) "Amelie" is next even though it may be the 102nd showing. If you have not listened to the Director's Commentary on this DVD, turn off the computer and go do that now. Currently we have "Dances With Wolves" in, mercifully before Costner became a horse's ass. Still a good movie, really.

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