Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Okay, I secretly love the word "zygote".

Gracious Mix from the previous post called this evening and she is on her second round of fertility trials. Mix has always graciously promised that I get to be the default Mad Auntie, in a very Mame kind of way. I reckon this means that she'll ship her progeny off to me when they start getting uppity or I need luggage to be hauled to Morrocco or some such destination.

I will dedicate the rest of the week, between bouts with the craigslist and my *%#$@ resume, to the ritual dance for a smooth and productive fertilization process of other people who are really not me. The accessories are being laid in proper order. (Feathery hat, biscotti, fava beans, overdue library book...)

Favorite Movie: Raiders of the Lost Ark or La Femme Nikita (yes, the original French one)
Favorite Food I can't Justify Making for Two Lousy People: Pot Roast. With carrots, onions and potatoes. Can anyone recommend a pressure cooker?

Tonight's Eats: Osso Bucco. Braises are like money in the bank, baby.
Kisses to all who pinged or called or picked up today. And to you, too.

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