Saturday, April 19, 2014

Fwd: 4:35 AM Santa Cruz

Subject: 4:35 AM Santa Cruz

The Dream Inn has been utterly redone, from the ground up. It's maybe a little more Mod than my taste, (use of orange/avocado, blockier lines) but the sheets are very nice and it's quite elegant in its own right. Plus, there's the ocean: the perfect soundtrack.

Our room overlooks the pier and the Boardwalk. I can see lights all around the Bay and the odd car far, far away.

We walked to the Surfing Museum at sunset. It must have been Prom last night in Santa Cruz with every young person all glammed up and taking photos.

Prom dresses have become even more hideous, if that is possible. Neon orange, indecisive hems, dubious uses of chiffon. One lady wore a full length bronze sequin contraption that looked a bit like a massive fishing lure.

I sound ungracious. They were all young and fresh and happy and glorious. Perfect for a Friday evening in Paradise. Young men, alas, ALWAYS require the lecture on blue tuxedos and rented shoes, but they will outgrow those compulsions on their own. Hopefully.

Your rainbow socks are on the needles. Unlike the blue lace, they are plain stockinette so they are with me in front of books & telly, in meetings, through everything. The colors make me smile as they progress and though I know you'll wonder what the hell are you supposed to wear them with I am sure you'll like them too. They will be a present without a occasion. Perfect.

Thank you for letting us crash your Good Friday potato pancake party. Seeing you and Matt is always Good, but the whole clan in full party mode? That makes for a Glorious Riotous Friday. Jesus and all the Marys would certainly approve. Family, both conventional and created, is where it is at.

Thanks for letting me crash your family occasionally. The Brothers have the knack of making a girl feel loved and welcome. You,  in particular. Thanks, Darling. There is no other word than "thanks".

Okay, back to bed. Maybe there is some sleep in there for me.
Love to you,

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