Monday, May 27, 2013

Posting from Bed.

So what part of our brain is it that keeps the memories that are painful off to the side, behind some dark curtain? I used to know but now I have me some other fresh problems.

I've had a lovely four days off, almost a vacation, where I slept enough, drank enough coffee, spent a little money making my space a little nicer, re-homed a few belongings, read, cuddled Otis until he fell asleep in my arms. What cat falls asleep while being walked and bounced like an infant?

One of my favorite delicious treats is mid-day napping, preferably in The Steven's bed that overlooks the garden and the wall the sun sets behind. I like it when he is in the room, typing away. He repeats the sound of my snoring when I wake.

When I am here alone in my own bed every night, I fear I won't sleep. I fear I'll call and no one will answer.  

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