Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Thought Dump

  • Researching: Luchessa Boots. Holy... people pay a lot for those. I've always wanted a pair of red boots, but this is beyond belief. And the ankle to calf ratio is not quite right. 
  • Daily Craving: hot chocolate around 11 AM 
  • Tortured by: Cold feet and hands when everything else is balmy goodness. 
  • Status of the Porch Cat Lola: In her house, mostly snoozing. Still too skinny. 
  • Currently Loving: Periodicals on the Kindle Fire. Perfect use of the media and for midnight reading in bed. 
  • Today's best thing about California: Citrus in abundance. 
  • The Bum Brigade Status of People's Park: damp and slightly more unhinged that usual.
  • Deeply Loving: CrankyPressman's Guide to Letterpress.

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