Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday Thought Dump/

Random thoughts:
  • A word I often think in Berkeley, but would never/ever say: Hag!
  • The Magnum Double Caramel Bar is waaaaaay too sweet.
  • Too sweet to the point of being inedible: McDonalds' Sweet Tea. Before my first mouthful I had never spat out anything in the street, in public. Oh, awful.
  • I love my new bed. Love, love, love.

Links to look into later.

The Steven rented Source Code last week. Jake Gyllenhaal, Jeffrey Wright, the lovely Vera Farmiga. I did not even remember it hitting the theaters or hearing anything about it.

We ditched the cable outside of basic about eight months ago when money started getting tight and have been Netflixing/Amazon Download/Hulu-ing our media lately. Other than my one click of Jon Stewart Fix, I'm not missing it much. (Call me when The Kardashians/Hiltons and Housewives fall out of programming.)

I'd actually add this to the growing list of Zen movies. For those who have their suspicions about self, time and being

  • Groundhog Day
  • Being There
  • Fight Club

Some say the first two Matrix movies, but I fail to see it. I actually rather eat glass than watch Keaneau Reeves "act".

At no time does Jake flash his amazing six-pack abs. Which is fine. I was busy oggling Vera.

My beautiful landlords have adopted two small black kittens. Both gents are frequent Facebookers so I reckon we'll have kitten TV soon as well.

Speaking of Kittens:
Finoula is massive now, completely at odds with our expectations. Otis is a sleek wire of electricity. He begs.

  • Lipstick: MAC - 'Till Tomorrow (This is the workday default.) I have been wearing another MAC red I like.
  • Perfume: CB I Hate Perfume Russian Caravan Tea
  • Polish: None. Still got some weekend garden gunge worked into cracks in my palms. This does not convey sophistication.

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