Tuesday, August 03, 2010

More lists.

Reading: Trying to finish Patti Smith's memoir. Love it, but I've been distracted by the shiny and wooly.

Listening to: Marie Irshad on her brilliant podcast Knitcast.

Toes: dark red again. Boring! Ma and I went for a cheap super-deluxe pedicure on our bi-weekly date. The aggressively thorough massage chair got at least third base with me as two very nice sisters rubbed our legs for the best part of an hour. It was the best part of an hour.

Despite Ma's intention to have any polish other than orange, the polish she picked ("bronze") did turn out rather sparkly disco orange. I ordered up a pair of painted yellow flowers on her big toes. Her toenails could not be further than her modest personality. I am sure she sits in Mass this morning, slightly disturbed by the flashiness of what's in her shoes.

Since payday has come and gone: my indulgences this month
  • A new cologne called Contemplation by Tokyomilk. It smell more of cedarwood, thyme and sparkle than anything else. The Steven hates most fragrance, so this smell has been banished to my ankles. Why is the most indulged part of myself below my knees?
  • A pair of earrings from Sous La Mansarde. Very wacky and still french. Colorful.Isn't the word "bijoux" delicious?
  • A backup pair of barely-used Frye harness boots off ebay for $25.00. Men's size seven. I now need to search for a replacement pair of black cowboy boots. The only heels I can navigate in are boots, usually men's. Stomp, stomp, stomp.
  • A new pair of prescription sunglasses. The UC may suck in so many ways, but I will say the eye care part of the benefits is mighty generous. The style is the classic black Wayfarer frame. The Steven says I look like Huey Lewis.
  • And that'll be it for luxuries for this month and a good long while.


Mnmom said...

All fragrances go to crap on me. I have weird body chemistry.
I've been using a light GOLD on my toes and loving it.
My flat feet can't handle heels of any kind. Poor me - no cute shoes!

kirelimel said...

I seriously read that statement, "Despite Ma's intention to have any polish other than orange..." as furniture polish with orange oil and I didn't figure it out until "disco" came up. I really need to get out of the house more.

Marie Irshad said...

Just saw today that you'd linked to my blog - thank you for the lovely comment on my podcast! Really pleased you're enjoying it :-)