Thursday, August 12, 2010

Good Thing, Too.

Somewhere between therapy and the liquor store yesterday, I lost my knitting bag.

It wouldn’t be so bad, except that:

  • the beta urchin hat I’d restarted three times was four rows away from finished
  • The handspun I was using I was rather proud of (and I can’t identify it to get a replacement
  • All of this was on my slick Options #8
  • I have three meetings today and without something to knit it was going to be bloodbath.

So I rush back to retrace my steps like a good second grader and there, hanging from a tree and tied in a bow is my unmolested bag set right out for me to find.

I get really get fed up with this particular self-involved state and have said many bad things about it. And yesterday some anonymous someone does something so perfectly decent that I have to eat my words slowly and painfully.

As Lazy/Stupid/Godless as I proudly am, I am glad someone else is not.

If you’ve got some thanks stuck in your craw that needs to be spit out, now’s the opportunity. We’ll get around to the random curses later.

1 comment:

michaelg said...

Move to Minnesota. We would have saved your knitting bag AND put a $20 in there just for your trouble.