Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tonday (Tuesday, meet Monday)

Up here in the Eagle Nest Office It's quite drizzly outside and down below all the people from BART look like a tribe of migrating mushrooms trying to get out of the rain.

A cone of 36 seagulls just soared by the office in a cone formation, riding some kind of circular wind current until it died out over University. It looked like great fun.

I saw Young Victoria with Ma which we liked a great deal. The set dressing and costuming were very good, but the plethora of period plaid pants that bag around the hips and waists and stovepipe at the bottom were distracting.

For John Conroy someone found it necessary to point out what a vile charater he was by adding a distracting CGI housefly to all his scenes. Unnecessary. Honestly, Conroy bullied, badgered, smashed things, kicked the dog so does the audience require an fake insect to drive the point home?

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