Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wednesday was Veterans' Day... I had the day off and it was entirely glorious to do nothing. I did get outside to yank a few weeds but mostly it was spent spinning, cuddling the old cat and watching the six part Monty Python documentary (which if you haven't seen it, you must) .
  • The pan-comedic interviews are the best part.
  • The group concedes that Graham Chapman, despite his substance problems, was exactly the correct member to play the lead in "Life of Brian" and "Grail".
  • Tales of directing the movies are very funny.
  • Cleese's primness just kills me.
  • I am sure this is where I get my delight for a "Bloke in a Dress". Great word "bloke".
  • Eric Idle sings "Fuck Christmas" gloriously in pt. 6.
Shred is becoming unable to walk across two rooms without having to have a lie down; mostly Her Highness is picked up and carried. She's seventeen.

The damned 4 ounces of raime I spent three days wrestling with turned out just as bad as expected and it fought me the entire way. It might just end up in the trash just because it's been naughty/knotty.

After a scotch (2:00 PM) and a thorough oiling of the wheel and the front door I took a crack at something better (50 grams of a luminous merino silk in the color of a storybook jungle) and it turned out pretty well.

Another Frazz. How much do I love Holden?:


It's going to be very busy from here on out until Winter Break. I have already made a list of people to ignore which was great fun.

I have been checking Analytic Report of visits to this blog and am delighted to see the maps of where people are! Brierley Hill! Lauterbach! It's marvelous to see where you are.

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michaelg said...

Is the Monty Python documentary too new to be out on DVD or is it there already?
Her Highness is lucky to have someone properly worshipful. I have an aging pet myself and don't like at all the little indications that he might not be with me forever.