Sunday, November 08, 2009

Frazz gives the love to Sedaris


I've just shot extreme closeups of the The Steven at his request (custom Second Life skin project). He is now locked himself in the closet and might be sobbing. We are old. Soft focus only from now on.

It's a ridiculously beautiful morning.

Yesterday we had dinner with the Parents and aunt and uncle I've not see since high school. Dad let slip a few bits from his childhood, which is a rare and funny thing.

The Niece (fine! "and her parents") were there and she was amused by the tossing bar method of throwing cheerios and catching them in the mouth trick. She's still a bit shy but we got goodbye kisses and she smelled so good one did want a great big bite of her. It's a fine thing that humans find babies adorable; otherwise they'd be food.

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