Monday, November 02, 2009

Dramatic Reading of Green Eggs and Ham

Should you be a cotton swab maybe it would be best for you to find something else to do.

Snack size Heath Bars are the bomb. Toffee seems like a very adult pleasure.

Ben came for dinner yesterday and although everything that could go culinary wrong did, he sallied forth and remains my favorite person to drink scotch with.
Baked apples could be new favorite thing.

Forget which apples are good for what. Do online research. While appearing a complete doofus with chart printout, scour apple section. Pick apples of the same size so they cook evenly. Best candidates are generous sized and regular shaped. Braeburns worked very well, maintaining shape while still spoon assault-able.

Invite guest over. Preheat kick-ass oven to 350 degrees. (Thanks, Andy. You have such good taste in kitchen appliances.)

Using a decent peeler (everyone should try several until they find their perfect match) and the large cooking apple: turn upside down and peel 3/4 the way down leaving the stem part of the apple intact. Even if you do not cook you should know how to use a peeler; it's part of becoming a useful part of society.

Leave the pointless and dangerous apple corer in the drawer and use a melon baller to scoop out the blossom end and the core of the apple. Don't dig all the way through to China or the stem part. Discover melon ballers to be fascinating things. I rather enjoyed melon ballers as a child; for a while everything I ate was spherical.

Put the guest to work stuffing the apple void with good things: butter and brown sugar mashed together with some cinnamon and a few luscious dried fruits (raisins, apples, cranberries) and maybe some chopped nuts, provided ones dining victim is not allergic. Pecans might be good, Oooh, pecans. Stuff, stuff, stuff all the way to the top.

Place in a small pan with like-minded apples, stem and peel side down/stuffing opening up. Throw a bit of liquid in the pan: cider, wine, juice even water to come up about a half inch up the apple island. Decide to use smaller pan; these can be crowded a bit. Since one has cracked open the 12 year Highland Park and made a significant dent, tip a tiny bit over the apples and refill scotch glasses take guest outside to distract from dinner wreckage.

350 degrees for 1 hour. Very good with heavy cream over the top.

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kirelimel said...

You really must stop posting the video clips- I find myself coming to, hours later after I have watched nearly every other video or episode by the same. Now it's really late and I'm going to be cranky in the morning.

Pecans ARE good.