Thursday, November 05, 2009

Dragging my Ass through Thursday

Fashion?: Spats! (Can someone come show me how to walk in heels?)
Lipstick: Bobbi Brown Tulle Brown (purchased by the Steven on Halloween at SF Nordstrom where drag artists filled the chairs at every makeup counter. Fabulous in spades.)
Reading: someone's very old copy of the Joy of Cooking. The spine is gone and it's filled with recipes from the newspaper and shopping lists.
Reaction to New Meds: might be working, but I am too stressed to notice.
Need: semi-soft industrial paint brush for leather restoration, giant metal dust pan for neighborhood cleanup at Oh-Dark-Thirty Saturday. To Hell with what the neighbors think.
Favorite Word: Ghastly. Covers a lot these days.
I Want: Mix to come visit and a day off.
Toenails: Bare, neglected.
Missing: Casey, an earring, the orifice hook.

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kirelimel said...

My favorite word is "fridge" - I said it by accident when I meant to say the f word but my children were near...worked great and now I can tell my husband to fridge off in front of the kids!! (not really...)