Saturday, August 29, 2009


Citizen of the planet and beloved younger brother Scott (he also knits) has finally finished his Masters. I would have loved to have been in the room for the French oral exam when he might have said damn well anything, preferably obscene and obscure.

Well done, Scott. You made Mum very happy. See you at "Christmas" although I reckon we can celebrate anything we like.

ooo, pretty fibery thingy. I am crap at embroidery.


kirelimel said...

Congratulations to your brother!

See, I am decent at embroidery- but crap at knitting. My Grandmother taught my brothers and me to knit when we were old enough to hold the needles- she had the patience I wish I had- and long ago I made lovely mittens (it's a Little House on the Prairie thing- I made lots of mittens...) and even a sweater but all that precious knowledge has been lost- I can make a scarf and just ask my kids- I've made them plenty. But I can no longer read a pattern or remember how to do any fancy pearling or whatnot.

I was recently invited to a Usborne book show (my kids are too old but it's a suburban nightmare to decline an offer) and there was a how to book on knitting. I purchased and though the rest may have assumed it was for my kids, I knew the sorted truth.

whew- longest comment EVER!!

kleiosbelly said...

hey! -- thanks for linking/liking my embroidery project! there's a few more on my blog since then...i've become slightly obsessed (especially since i can embroider and watch movies at the same time, i must confess).