Monday, August 24, 2009


The Steven's on a meditation retreat this week, departing at 4:45 AM and returning at 9:30 PM. He comes home and burbles the nicest things. I reckon this comes from not talking all day. ("You know what we should have Sunday!? Lobster! How much are lobster tails? Can you get some? How much are they? Can I have a cookie? You are the best!")

I woke up this morning to find not one but two cartoon post-it note mousies. This is why I married him.

While at liberty, I dusted off the spinning wheel and worked my way through 12 ounces of BFL (Non-fiber people: Blue Faced Leicester. The acronym is pronounced "Biffle". Impress your friends.) I am having some trouble getting the diameter and twist I want. Spinning is nothing like riding a bicycle and god knows how many fleeces will be turned into some very odd art yarn before I get my groove back. I've been catching up on Top Chef and Project Runway.

The big confession: The entire knitting group including yours truly has read the whole Twilight series. We've read our Joyce, Shakespeare and Restoration poetry and we deserve some dessert! (I listened to the audio versions and cleaned my house. I have the lamest excuses.)

I have begged them not to get any Twilight inspired tattoos. (Really, don't look.) Next will be an itxnay on interior decor choices. The knitting group has far more class than that.

As those of you on Facebook know, the battle for the $1,000 security deposit is on! Crazy Barbara has 10 business days to get her act together before I paper her neighborhood with colorful leaflets and take her to court. I am enjoying this and am taking any malicious suggestions into consideration. Fish emulsion water balloons anyone?

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