Thursday, July 16, 2009


I have finally found the perfect canister for my sister Heather; handmade ceramic with four horses (four siblings, four horses). It is a very beautiful and appropriate piece. Although the thought of decanting a sibling makes me a little quivery, but she's sitting in a cardboard box in a very tacky "velvet" bag and that is just not be borne.

The artist is Denise of Morris Pottery. Go look at her work; she is very talented, both as a potter and an illustrator. Her animal images are fantastic and playful.

After much ballyhoo and pointed emailing, Barbara has finally returned our July rent check! The Steven seems very impressed. Now let's see how I do on the $1,000 security department.

Moving update:
Books are out weighing clothes, kitchen equipment and yarn. (Three categories: fiber art/cookbooks/literature-reference) Every day, I schlep a bag of discards over the the Berkeley Library Bookshop. (In the last bag, there might have been erotica as well as all some material the mail service at one time deemed pornographic. These were not mine. Oh, I am keeping mine.)

Reading: Houdini
Toes: dark red, chipped.
Want: a shopping trolley. (Alarmingly, there are no supermarkets in the new neighborhood.)
Need: More bookcases. And to get this move over.
Moving Count Down: 16 days. (two gloriously busy weekends!)

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