Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Back Again, Still Busy.

Hi, Sweetness.
It's been a while.

Last night Steven and I signed 23 pages of lease agreements on the new digs with Andy and Edrich (the handsome landlords). What will be their new monkiers? "Captain LandLords"? They really are very pretty and sweet men.

So after they left, I had to have the inevitable word with Barbara and give her notice as it is already into our final month. She wept, playfully cussed me out, then burst into full fledged tears.

Already, I have volunteers from the East Bay Lesbian Knitters Guild and Straight Girl Contingent to help move. Are they not the loveliest people ever?!

UPDATES on things that have kept me busy:
  • Jessica and Dan are now married! It was fabulous! The bride was scrumptious!
  • Steven had nose surgery; it went well.
  • Steven and I went for a long Fourth of July Weekend at Sea Ranch.
  • I like my iPhone.

In confronting all my stuff:
  • All my plates are chipped. (Okay, they are all from the 1950s.
  • I hate my shelves; very early1990s. Frighteningly, Crate and Barrel have brought them back.
  • The new house is built around a gorgeous kitchen. It's apparently built for social events. I may have to change my ways.

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Mnmom said...

How about The Princess Landlords?