Tuesday, May 12, 2009


  • Good News! Hurrah! Roxana Saberi is free!
  • Good News Part II: Abstinence Only sex education is being Federally de-funded. After 15 million dollars down the drain!
  • New favorite definition of an ideal sex partner: "An inch of crazy frosting on a layer of sane cake". (Thanks, Dan Savage! You sexy beastie!)
  • A birdhouse for 21 Century Oakland.
  • The Lazy, Stupid Godless Group on Ravelry is just the best. All kind of topics come up. Find your 16 year old daughter is dating a 37 year old? Throw him a "Tarp, Lime and Shovel Party". Have the chemist in the group digress on Home Depot materials andparty favors needed. Who says Knittahs aren't the bomb?
  • I love having a dishwasher, but now all the Easter egg colored1940s era plates are chipped. They weren't precious things and it's time to move out of the hip, retro zone that only exists in my imagination. The Navy issued plates still look brand new. I am all for tableware you can bludgeon an intruder to death with.

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Linda 'K' said...

Dahlink! Tell "The Steven" That I found the turkey feather quill intact and will be mailing it soon. I have a set of plain deep purple stoneware dishes I have never used - service for 10. Am downsizing hugely and would love to give them to you on our next drive down. Any interest? We use melamine dishes because we drop everything eventually - they have a lovely imari pattern on them. I'd love for these to go to you Boo, unless you hate purple!