Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Evening at Liberty

  • Friends?! That's still on? Ick!
  • Love XM Radio, but I hate Aaron Copeland. All that Americana can be truly exhausting.
  • Knitpicks 4" double points: one inch short of usable. Even maybe a half inch would help. Buy the 6" ones. Pointy!
  • The cat has been acting old and crabby lately. She is getting really expensive food.
  • The prettiest demons ever!
  • I wrote my first product review on Amazon for the New Coffee God even if we did buy it at Sur La Table because they have a sweeter return policy.
  • The Lazy Stupid Godless Group on Ravelry (knittah speak) has broken out in a rash of friend pimpin'. ("This is Todd." -insert adorable camera phone photo of good lookin' friend - "He's nerdy and shy, Please expound on what you would do with him if left to your own questionable devices.") Ten minutes and nine pages of commentary later, Todd will need a shower. Apparently knitters are a rather lustful bunch, at least the godless ones are.

1 comment:

The Librarian said...

Aw, I love the Friends. Actually my upmost favorite show...I guess that makes me go down in points. Ah well. :)