Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bits. Pieces.

  • Ooo pretty, pretty! New York in high detail.
  • I will see Angels and Demons for two reasons: Rome and Ewan MacGregor in a cassock. Tom Hanks proves to be a smart funny person in every bit of media that is not a movie. Nice that he keeps that for himself.
  • We had the Annual Day at the Ranch today. A and K's kids (now seven between them) are the nicest and heroically fearless small people I've ever met. They are so well loved by their parents and grandparents that they can hardly have become anything less than extraordinary. They built a large raft of gallon milk containers and it was a huge success. I love that they look forward to the Ranch with all it's cooty brushy oddness. It is an official Old Coot Refuge. It was bloodybleedingstinkinhot.
  • Animals encountered: two jack rabbits, several thousand fishlings, one caught and released bass (there were others but this one had to endure my hook removal attempts), a large jaywalking kingsnake, a dozen blurpy surprised frogs, a brand new foal with parentals, a herd of deer including one that could not have been more than a week old (soooo tiny and spotty), a bazillion tiny brown ground squirrels, a female turkey on the lam, CA quail, some very large raptors over the valley.
  • Sunburn: despite several coatings of Neutrogena's SPF 90+ and an absurdly large hat I ended up a little pink and stingy, probably from the canoe towing incident. It would have been so much worse if a handful of aspirin wasn't downed ASAP. Love that trick.
  • If given the opportunity and two fingers, my Niece will RUN until your back gives out.
  • Delicious: strawberries from Gilroy. Red: all the way up. Damn sexy.
  • Best Band Name: Enter the Haggis. They have a joyous wake song One Last Drink which I like but am unable to locate an mp3 you won't have to pay for. Knitterly Master Brenda Dayne's podcast episode 79 has this song as the closing track, if you are curious. Brenda's fab to begin with.
Now sleep I think.

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Mnmom said...

Ewan McGregor makes me blush, and I'm an old woman.