Monday, April 27, 2009

Notes while rocking the Cat to sleep

  1. The funniest thing I've read today: the Slanket/Snuggie/Blanket with Sleeves comparison on Gizmodo. Okay, exactly I haven't been online much today being forced into garden labor by the Parentals. Honestly, there is such thing as "too much fucking garden". (mutter, mutter...Flippin' suburbia.)
  2. A plus, the orange trees are in bloom in Prententiousville. It's absolutely an absolutely heady experiance until one realizes that I could not afford the cosmetic surgery or the haircare products to live there. (My family? Rather like the Joads or original homesteaders. Pops left a crumpled Honda CRX in from of the house for eight years, using it as a conversation piece to get to know the lay of the land with new neighbors. If they would so much as glance at it is with the slightest bit of distain, he'd pop out his hearing aids and stare at the newcomers until they'd leave.)
  3. Mom brought back a huge suitcase of gifts from Equador, including some very modern looking hand-knotted rosarys. We broke a couple in by doing a round of devotionals in the form of shaking ourselves to some Elvis tunes, with some Sam Cooke thrown in at the decade beads. An Almighty does not -could not!- object to Elvis and certainly not to R&B. Joyous noise indeed. Pity neither of us can carry a tune.
  4. Apparently the Freds in Equador are the size of young robins.
  5. Slow Food selections on Who wouldn't love an art print of bacon?
  6. This Iphone thing is seriously cutting into fiber fondling time. huh.

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Mnmom said...

Props to you on all counts. And I believe God loves him some R&B and wants us to shake it like you baked it.