Friday, April 24, 2009

Bouncing Back with the Friday Brain Dump

  • The Muse, some various lesser nocturnal gods, my landlady, work demons in general, myself, a flu bug and the weather have all been at odds this last month. That is my excuse for recent radio silence.
  • Happy Birthday, Scott! (mmmmmwah!)
  • Dad turned 74. Still the very definition of his own crotchety self, he is oddly more open to entertaining relationships and a wide distribution of citrus fruits. Although this is a little baffling to his family, we suspect it's because we can outrun him even though he still cheats at cards.
  • I have discovered what a stoat is and it's nothing like I thought it was. Still plenty cute.
  • Mincing Mockingbird continues to produce some of the best titles for artwork ever. He can paint some hostile looking sparrows. He has an amusing art blog as well.
  • Jess and Dan get married in 60 days! This will be all very exciting, once Jessica's pretty shoes arrive.
  • The Steven and I celebrated our approximate fourteen years of The Royal Caffeine Theatrical Society by facing down a Giants crowd in pursuit of fried chicken and coleslaw.
  • May It Please the Court: an illustrated visit with Ruth Bader Ginsberg in gorgeous colors by Maria Kalman (
  • My High Holy Knitting Mentor dropped by last week. She's such a blossom, but must come back as Artfibers has new digs!!
  • Someone's got a puppy around here... I can hear him chirruping.

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