Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday! At last!

  • Wow! Tonga's underwater volcano blows. (video from -sorry: you have to wait through the commercial-)
  • I had a nice long gossip last night curled up in my closet with Best Girl Mix. Her two year old son is a personality in full force. Two is such a fun age.
  • Suddenly the itch for new tools is upon me. This always leads to chasing Snap On Tool trucks, where the drivers are always rather confused if I need a new ratchet attachment or a bag of weed.
  • What I should focus on is getting a new dress for Jess's wedding in June (three months!). I am hopeless at dress shopping. Volunteers? Something in the vein of an afternoon cocktail dress. Those morning cocktail dresses are trouble, particularly if a turban is involved. Nothing strapless, please.
  • This is the tool we have been looking for since pdfs were invented.

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