Monday, March 02, 2009

A Rainy Monday

Hm! 363 site visits from 66 cities in the last month. I love seeing the map with the orange blips showing where you are and imagining places as exotic as Linkoping, Makati and Akron.

It's absolutely pissing down rain outside and I can't possibly start my week with soaked jeans.

I apologize for the lack of posts over the weekend; it was Stitches West which can only be described a Star Trek Convention for the Fiber Obsessed. Explosive, indulgent, reckless, joyful, confusing and eventually exhausting. Yesterday was spent in recovery, snarled up in the LayZBoy, covered in yarn.

The entire Knitting Group went. Jessica hosted a wonderful dinner and sleepover the night before and we carpooled down in the morning. There are photos which I will post later.

I fell madly in love with a grand cherry wood $1,600 Schacht-Reeves Wheel of such size, beauty and perfect silence. I also tried the contemporary Ladybug and loved that as well. Jenn certainly has her eye in the latter. I am doing my best to forget about either and the entire lack of noise around them. No success yet.

On the roving front: I've gone stark raving buggo crazy and now have every color you can imagine. I reckon this might hold me for a whole year. Currently I've got my mitts on some bright saffron colored silk. The color does fantastic optimistic things in the part of my brain that remains unresponsive to the chemicals I throw at it nightly. I have enough sock yarn to keep me going for a while: no multi-colors this year, just solids.

This the week I will hear if my retention raise will be considered. Please keep your fingers crossed for me and I shall keep good thoughts for you.

Love to you,

There is a fresh batch of annoying viruses going around. It might be time to check for updates and a cleaning of the cache. Just saying.

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