Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Loved: Reign Over Me, Man on Wire and the Tivo/Netflix combination! Love!
Did not Love: Twilight. It's rare that commentaries disappoint, but this one? Just a bunch of stoned teenagers sitting around talking. Five minutes was all I could take.
Next up: Milk. There is a rumor of a Three Stooges movie and Sean Penn has signed on. I hate the Stooges.
Spring! The allergies are kicking my ass, the Lilies of the Valley growing in the shower seem happy.
Spinning: For the last two weeks everything has been a mid-tone of bluepurplebluepurple. Tonight we are going for something completely different.


The Librarian said...

Yes on the Reign on Me love. I taped it off Starz, and had to have it. Now it is part of my library. :) For someone who was the only person NOT to cry at Marley and Me, I cried in this movie.

And agree about Twilight. I loved the book series, couldn't stand the movie. But, of course, I own the movie. I didn't buy it though. I got it because of I bribed someone with cupcakes. :)

Mnmom said...

Haven't seen MILK yet, plan to soon. I love Lilies of the Valley - they make me think about being a little girl on my bike.

Mnmom said...

Saw MILK last night and cried, as did my teens.

Where are you!??