Saturday, March 14, 2009

The latest excuse for a not posting

Last night Ben came over. We had dinner and we made a point to sit on the porch and work ourselves into a semifreddo state by way of a bottle of scotch. Of all people to get marinated with, Ben is the top of my list. He also is a fantastic person to feed. And did I mention... Oh, hell. Ask him yourself.

24 hours later and I am still a bit hungover. The fried food and nap helped, but man...

Jess and I went wedding dress shopping today in that Pit of Hell: David's Bridal. To be fair, it was not too bad, other than the fluorescent lighting, the acres of whiter than white and the bride on the next pedestal was 17/chewing gum without closing her mouth. This would be dress Number Two.

Here is Dress One:

Jess is really quite fantastic all around.


michaelg said...

So, glad you got to spend time with the Ben. His free time seems wildly limited these days. What should I ask him??
I like dress #1 the lacy stuff on the boob area is nice. You're right about everything being whiter than white. It seems unnatural.

Mnmom said...

I like dress #2. Michael likes dress #1 but he has horrible taste and I hear they are going to drum him out of the Minnesota Gay Club.