Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Berkeley Buskers? At 7:00 AM?

  • A charming older white guy with a walrus mustache outside the BART station was playing wicked amplified blues. He had some kind of folded coffee can percussion instrument strapped around his neck so he sounded a bit like an old record, in a good way. Seven assorted homeless dudes sat around him in a semi circle, fully awake and grooving.
  • Hot Damn! Sign me up!!
  • Listening to Cranford.
  • Do you have your safety goggles? Everyone should have safety goggles.
  • Eying: a Dremel of my own.
  • The AP reports a 71 year old man fending off a 20 year old mugger with an ice scraper. The stupid young punk then ran to his girlfriend's house. The punk and the girlfriend were fighting when the police arrived.

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Mnmom said...

Whew! Now I'm all hot and bothered. Can I sign up for a weekend retreat?????