Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Why anyone would bother with a pannini press is beyond me.

  1. stove
  2. burner on to medium low
  3. nonstick Farberware pan
  4. butter to coat, melted and slightly browned
  5. 1 slice presliced buttermilk bread
  6. medium sharp cheddar cheese to cover
  7. 1 slice presliced buttermilk bread
  8. foil
  9. joyously gungy and irreplaceable 12" cast iron skillet
  10. stockpot
  11. full tea kettle
  12. sit
  13. watch until toasty smell begins
  14. unload teakettle, stockpot, skillet, foil
  15. inspect toasty side of sandwich
  16. remove
  17. butter
  18. non-toasty side of sandwich
  19. Farberware skillet
  20. restack foilskilletstockpotteakettle
  21. salivate
  22. wait for toasty smell
  23. throw caution to wind, unstacking misc kitchen implements madly. (Do not clean. Do not put away. )
  24. snatch hot sandwich from skillet with slightly burt fingers and paper towel.
  25. turn off stove
  26. hide away to snarf sandwich.

Ponder why are sandwiches best when as flat as possible.


Little Sister said...

I too have always questioned the need of a panini grill in your home.

The sandwich sounds divine. Flat sandwiches are so good because all of the fat has been absorbed into the wonderful bread and so it is heaven bite after bite-even the crust.

Now I am hungry.

michaelg said...

That seems like enough steps to make me want to buy a pannini press. Call me a lazy panninist.

kirelimel said...

You make it sound so easy...

Mnmom said...

I have a cast iron press that works beautifully. Not an appliance, an actual chunk of seasoned cast iron with a knob. LOVE IT