Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Taking a note from Billy Connolly's School of Public Service Announcements I had the opportunity to put into play my favorite pedestrian defense manouver. Like most of my manouvers it involves yelling.

When being pushing through a cross walk by a cab (why do all cabbies drive with their windows down) yell in some kind of accent -any kind works, as long at it's unusual for the environment- ,
"OI!" pause
"Whaz yeh nahme?!" wait for response while skibbling out of the way of the bumpers. In surprise they usually respond --
" Ned? ...Well FUCK OFF, Ned!" and then make tracks.

I highly recommend it.

For a full on demonstration, look up Billy Connolly's World Tour of Australia. The sound at times can be sort of dicey as Connolly's driving a custom Harley Trike while narrating. I like the World Tour of Scotland much more (no Harley, more beauty).

Oh, heck have a little Connolly now, courtesy of youtube. How I love funny men.

oh, maybe a little more...

It was another pressure filled audit day and the opportunity to yell at someone was much appreciated although it probably was a wash as far as karma.

I'm very tired and had cornflakes and BahNAWNnawhs for dinner. Now I am off to spin and sleep. Love to you. - Madame.

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Mnmom said...

He's very John Cleese, from his Monty Python days, not lately.