Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sunday Night

  • Tracy Kwan writes about post crash domination at the Daily Beast. Tracy's great, although not much of a novelist. In the perfect world she'd teach domination basics to every female then we might be getting somewhere as far as getting the opposite sex into listening to us.
  • Outside: Raining and dark. Smells nice.
  • TCM Rotation: Moonstruck. Steven's first Zen Teacher Genki's favorite movie was Moonstruck. Cher was never more charming and Nicolas Cage was never more itchy and endearing. Big eighties hair all 'round.
  • Drinking: Highland Park 12 year Single Malt Scotch. It's nice. Not too peaty which can make a perfectly civilized scotch into slurping on moist burnt earth. This was recommended on the San Francisco Spirits Award in the search for an alternate to the now elusive Trader Joe's 15 year.
  • Big event: floors mopped. The house smells of rain, rhubarb and cinnamon and it all makes bare feet worthwhile.
  • Noshing: the homemade ricotta w/ a little maple syrup.
  • Listening to Lime and Violet podcast.
  • Spinning: FreckleFaceFiber merino. PINK -fuckin' PINK- the color a bit much for me at the moment.


Mnmom said...

Rain here too, but falling on ice and snow and temps about 36. World smells of mud, dirt, and hot coffee. Not barefoot weather.
I think scotch takes like liquified brown paper grocery bags.
I like ricotta with blueberries and lemon zest.
Listen for me on Wednesday! 107.1 FM

Little Sister said...

I want to hang out in your house. Sounds cozy, warm, and full of the best creature comforts.