Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nothing like a Solo Saturday Morning

Must remember:
  • butter (I'm down to a half pound. Of butter. Not my own ass, regrettably.)
  • chives, tarragon (making compound butter)
  • spinach (eatmorevegetables)
  • cheddar cheese
  • cat food (picky bitch! picky bitch!)
  • Craving: a good chocolate croissant
  • Need: to paint my toenails.
  • McGyver: the Tivo
  • Spinning: silver merino bamboo blend. gooooorrrgeous!
  • Big Experiment: rice in the microwave
  • Question: Does anyone else out there like souffle? Am I the only one? Any particular flavor?


catmum said...

yeah baby, souffle! In the 60s there was a tiny restaurant in Carmel called Le Coq d'Or, run by a husband and wife, maybe 5 tables tops, they made the most awesome potato
but I'll happily try anything. I have made a salmon souffle since before my kids were born, it is there favorite dish and all wanted a copy when they left home (and still beg me to make it when I visit them or vice versa)
Would love to taste a chocolate souffle sometime

Linda 'K' said...

Haven't had souffle in YEEARRRs. Been craving a decent brioche forever - Starbucks in Pike Place used to get them from somewhere in the 70's and I STILL remember them. Apparently hard to find good ones in Seattle now. Never tried to make one - all that hoopla about opening the door at the wrong time or heavy footed dancing in front of the stove making them fall.....the intimidation!