Tuesday, February 03, 2009

It's Only Tuesday?!

I am just completely spent and out of patience. The office could not be far enough from me. Mid-audit, Irene is driving me mad with her fussing fussing fussing and her staff is following suit ("email: cc! cc! cc! Priority!!!"). gaaaaaah. Fucking fuckwits.

And now even thought I am home, the stress is still lingers thick in the air from the argument this weekend.
By way of apology The Steven ordered me a printer as the new Mac refuses to speak to the two printers we have. He did this without my consent; I have nowhere to put it and refused to lug the damn thing home on the bus. All I want is for him to say he over-reacted by yelling, not even an "I am sorry". I am tired and need a nap. And a good snog by someone who knows how. Feh.

Now for a little video so you may forget my whining:
Accidents Almost Happen

(the bank robbers are my favorite part)

My grand tax plan has worked out well and there is a bit coming back to us and I paid the mailbox bill for another year (we must be staying in Oakland). I'm straining for a bite of independence, just to make The Steven a little nervous.

It's dark outside and I've walked to the library in linen pants, tee shirt and sandals with no coat. It kills me that you might be cold. Can you come visit?

Strategies for Stitches West are in the works and Beloved Katherine has broke her radio silence and is headed back to her Tribe of Knitting Lesbians with Straight Girl Contingent. Plans are being made! Maps are printed with plans of attack! Snide comments are being bandied about about the lame ass ideas of some vendors! (Sock knitting jewelry? Are you kidding us?)

Do we have time to get tee shirts printed with the "Elizabeth Zimmermann Posse" or "Not You Muthef-ing Grandma's knitting"? Time to practice the gang signs...


michaelg said...

I apologize on behalf of my gender that some of us can't muster up even a half assed apology when it really matters. The printer apology sucks. Going ninja on his ass is a nice thought but would only hurt his feelings at this point.
It is 8 degrees here. I am sick that you are out at night in summer wear in a place where that is appropriate. 4 days until Puerto Vallarta.

Mnmom said...

The apology gene must be on the X chromosome - men get only half of it so can therefore only say lame things like "Well, I'm SORRY you got so upset". Babies.

LOVED the bank robbers - I had a good giggle at that one!

I'm quite cold here, and so envious of night time walking in warm air - one of my favorite pastimes.

Little Sister said...

Oh, men...if only we did not love them. It is -2 here...cannot wait for the weekend-"they" say 40 degrees. I will believe it when I can go to the end of the driveway without a coat to retrieve the paper.
Would love a night walk in linen pants! Enjoy, dear friend, enjoy.

The Librarian said...

Mwhahaha! Strategies away!!!!! :)

And we may have another lesbian floating into our midst as well. If she is a good little girl and finishes her dissertation.