Monday, February 09, 2009

Fresh from the 14th Century, Indulgences are in Fashion

The Vatican has announced temporal indulgences are back, with a limit on one per day. I can't help but think this is some kind of sin oriented boy scout merit badges. If a guide book is required you can buy the Manual of Indulgences on for $13.95, but that's only if you're into the self-flagellation of delegating your relationship to the Divine and need the Catholic Church to intercede on your behalf. Which, honestly, I can't see round to as you are plenty clever and too interesting to outsource your soul like that.

So go out and do some something that would give His Prada Clad Holy German Squishiness a case of the vapors. And then tell your Aunt Leiderhosen all about it.

I love this ceramic artist. The "ants in my creamer piece" is such a bit of understated genius: Elegant and creepy.

Valentine's day is coming up (speaking of flagellation) or Singles Awareness Day. Typically I'd grouse AGAIN about my loathing of this particular day, but it's just another reason to go watch slasher flicks and wait for all the stupid red and pink to get the hell out of the shops.

The Tenth of February is Darling Mix's Birthday and it's a joyful milestone one! Happy Birthday, Sweetface. You are the tops.

Has anyone out there used a ceramic chef's knife? Are they worth it?

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